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Security Precautions for Accessing Dark Web Links

Users who have finalized to test dark web often get confused on where to start to browse the dark web links. The huge, unexplored plane is quite overwhelming for new comers. It is therefore a regular question as to where the precautions should commence. A user who is new and prepared to browse the internet’s… Read More »

Blockchain + Tourism, OTT will create an open and transparent tourism market

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries and one of the fastest-growing. With the support of Internet, many online tourism platforms have been born. After years of competition, the current online tourism platforms have actually formed an oligopoly pattern. At present, the global online tourism platform is mainly monopolized by four major groups. They… Read More »

Blog post about the release of book #2:

“A Million Ways to Care” is the second volume in the children’s book series “Mia & Anthony and the Hidden Treasures” by Joe Khoury. In book #1, “A Big Brave Heart,” precocious twins Mia and Anthony learn what bravery really means. In this next volume, the pair find out that it doesn’t require lots of… Read More »