AMLSafe: the Dusting Attack Risks for Crypto Wallets Are Resolved

London, UK – AMLSafe has rolled out a feature for crypto market participants protecting from crypto dust attacks. Now, this is an easy-to-use anti-data theft solution with the option to protect the crypto wallets at AMLSafe from hackers by moving it into the “frozen” status. AMLSafe presented a solution to the crypto dust problem when… Read More »

Sci-Fi book “The Rings of Hesaurun” evokes intrigue, marks return of sci-fi genre in literature with a bang

“The Rings of Hesaurun: Book One” by Peter Harrett is a new sci-fi novel which pens a riveting tale of time-travel, aliens, primitive earthlings, people from the present, future, aliens and more such interesting subjects. April 20, 2021: Is it possible to “contain” time to escape the present? Sounds intriguing, right? Well, a new sci-fi… Read More »

Independent Music Artist, Vandi Lynnae, Releases Authentic Pop Anthems with Soul

Spellbinding soundscapes, heartfelt songwriting, and bold soaring vocals that are impossible to ignore—Welcome to the softly soothing world of Vandi Lynnae, an emerging singer-songwriter raised the San Fransisco Bay Area of California who is currently weaving her enchanting melodies for the whole world to enjoy. Inspired by the likes of Mama Cass and Patsy Cline,… Read More »

Sales Engineer of the Year Contest Seeks the Best in Technical Sales

The North American Association of Sales Engineers (NAASE) is accepting applications and nominations through end of May. NAASE, the only professional association in North America representing technical sales in a variety of fields and industries, is conducting a search and contest for the 2021 “Sales Engineer of the Year”- which will be awarded in mid… Read More »

Holdmar Holdings LLC offers crypto for realty investments

Analysts from Holdmar Holdings LLC predict that in ten years a significant part of real estate financial operations will be done via blockchain due to low fees. In recent years cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in value. Blockchain industry has a significant influence on payment system and markets. While Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies remain to be… Read More » to Launch NFT Platform for Creators

Grand Cayman / SEAPRWire / May 7, 2021 / – Digital asset exchange, plans to launch NFT Magic Box, a platform for creating and auctioning NFTs. This is one of the first NFT trading platforms for minting, creation, promotion and auction.   NFT Magic Box interacts with the GateChain protocol to provide a cost-efficient… Read More »