China Yunhong Holdings making contributions to “One Health” in the world

Recently, people heard about the outbreak of Ebola in Congo, China Yunhong Holdings would like to offer its humble contribution. Through China Yunhong Holdings’ constant study and research, the company’s high-tech non-pharmaceutical sadomasochistic products have inhibitory effects on the following diseases (except Pelvic Cancer), for instance, Lung cancer, thyroid cancer, melanoma, etc – about 17… Read More »

Facecast Upgraded its Name to FaceCast

Hongkong, Jul 22, 2019 — The application “Facecast” officially upgraded its name to “FaceCast” on July 15, 2019 when the APP launched a new 2.0.0 version.   About its name, there is a story for you. At the beginning the APP was named “faceshow” and then changed to “Facecast” which some guess people have been… Read More »

WIMI Went To NASDAQ For IPO, Earned 160 Million Yuan In Two Years

According to the Reuters, WiMi Hologram Cloud has filed its IPO prospectus with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering (IPO). From the explanation of the prospectus, the truth about WiMi Hologram Cloud is shown in front of the public, which finally let the holographic cloud industry widen its horizons with… Read More »