Recall on all Earasers Brand Hearing Protection

By | November 4, 2019

Nov 4th, 2019 – Recall on all Earasers brand hearing protection. Since initial introduction at Summer NAMM 2012 Convention, Nashville, the response is truly amazing! We couldn’t be more pleased! “Oh, WOW!” is by far the most used critique. No underwater, muffled, or plugged up sound. Musicians, concert goers, venue operators, parents and students in school bands, etc. continue to say wonderful things about Earasers.

Testimonials speak of how clear and natural things sound with Earasers – to the point where people didn’t even realize they were working until they removed Earasers at a gig or a club and then realized just how loud the environment truly is. One of the most shocking realities that has come to light is how many people, especially young people, already have ringing in their ears; something that may never go away. What is even more surprising, is how easily that could have been prevented.

This is what we stated before and at best you can only realize a 11dB reduction with our hearing protection.

We now realize that In most musician situations the sound reaches a crushing 120-125dB over all sound and the issues with obtaining a fit is nearly impossible as demonstrated in our video:

Were sorry to all those from DCI that have experienced hearing loss and Tinnitus because they were not protected because of the issue of fitting our device.

We are offering a complete refund as we do not want to join 3M and have a class action law suite filed against us.

We are taking back all amazon and all our resellers of our products. The normal return policy is not in effect, because we want to make this right just send them back with your address to send the refund to.

We are the largest hearing aid manufacture in Florida and do not want to be seen to cause hearing damage because of our faulty product just to sell a set of hearing aids.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Persona Medical
Contact Person: Don Campbell
Phone No: 321-280-7122
Address: 1701 N Cypress Way
City: Casselberry
State: Florida
Country: United States
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