Goldhammer Pvt Ltd Brings Indie Music Artist Platform iBumpit to Indian Market

By | June 25, 2020

India has a thriving independent music artist scene. Indian artists now have a fantastic
opportunity to get their music out to the masses with the online music community
iBumpit making an exciting expansion to now include the country.

June 25, 2020- The international popularity of Bollywood entertainment is undeniable. These remarkable skill and talent creatives are both broad and deep, covering not just movies and television, but also a thriving independent music scene encompassing a wide range of genres. In exciting news in this area, Goldhammer Pvt Ltd recently announced that they are bringing the global indie music platform “” iBumpit to India, to high-anticipation. This move opens vast opportunities for all concerned and is expected to help the  Indian indie music artists in a very dramatic way. Goldhammer Entertainment is a startup that launched with an immediate global presence, with the company already active in the US, Europe, and now India. The India operation is a joint venture between Goldhammer and Maninder Kaur, Vikas Sharma, Parminder Singh of Edwisetech, a web development company based in Chandigarh, India.

“India has a large entertainment market, so this is a development we are all extremely enthusiastic about,” commented a spokesperson from Goldhammer Entertainment. “Our online music community opens the door for indie musicians to get attention in India and beyond, without having to have things like Bollywood connections.”

Membership in the iBumpit community has three levels, which include being able to join for free. For those who would like to sell tracks on the platform, the artist can make $.65 for every track sold. All while the artist can link their social media to their artist profile to help promote and market their projects in a grassroots and effective way.

A considerable benefit to music lovers who are exploring artists on iBumpit is the ability for users to leave reviews of artists and to give their thoughts. This makes exploring different genres or finding the latest indie artists on the rise quick and easy while ensuring the quality of music offered at the online community. Charts of the hottest artists on the platform keep a finger on its pulse and help to add extra light on those providing exceptional work.

Expect 2020 and beyond to be massive for independent musicians in India and beyond.

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