Cannaboid PTY deploys South Africa Medical & Therapeutics Cannabis Production

By | February 10, 2021

New York, 11th of February 2021 — South African based start-up Cannaboid founded by 27 year old entrepreneur Mohammad Tayob, born in Durban and raised in small farming town of Newcastle South Africa is poised to become the largest and cheapest medicinal cannabis producer worldwide offering the highest quality products at prices half of current market price in respect to quality. Cannaboid has its sight set on transforming Africa into the cannabis central of the world with the pilot facilities launching in South Africa and thereafter penetrating other African markets.

Cannaboid will actively participate in the market as a contracts manufacturer which will equip other business and entrepreneurs with a quicker go to market approach as well as serve as a wholesaler of raw cannabis flower and have its own unique superior set of branded products. Cannaboid is set on being the contract manufacturer of choice for specific cannabis cannabinoid based medicine alternatives for pharmaceutical companies around the world.

“In practice, this will drastically increase accessibility and has the potential to set the stage for the sustained growth in patient penetration as observed in other nascent markets like Germany or Australia, where over two-thirds of the prescriptions are for chronic pain” precised Mohammad Tayob

Cannaboid plans on establishing 9 facilities across South Africa, one being in each province of the country in an effort to drive uniform job creation across the country as well as position itself to operate in the most efficient manner thereby granting South Africa a suitable framework for cannabis business.

A minimum of 18000 hectares of land are to be occupied by Cannaboid with approximately 270000 square meters of dedicated grow area for its operation’s in South Africa and an estimated 6500 permanent jobs created.

Cannaboid will be using ‘mother plants’ and cloning (creating an exact genetic replica) new plants from them by cuttings, Cannaboid will boast a 9000+ genetic mother plant bank, which will allow Cannaboid to offer their customers any strain from anywhere in the world as well as offer selective breeding for our clients looking for brand unique strains” mentioned Mohammad; “like that we can control the variables of the environment. That is why Good Agricultural Practice methods is a requirement for anyone growing Cannabis for Medical formulations”.

Cannaboid’s facilities are able to produce the highest quality laboratory grade flower under sealed glasshouse environment using a supplemental sunlight approach versus a supplemental lighting approach as with most competitors. Aeroponics being the cultivation system of choice allows Cannaboid to cultivate cannabis using up to 95% less water than with traditional soil based systems. Aeroponics also allows for optimum plant nutrient uptake as nutrients are directly applied to the root zone. Cannaboid cultivates under the organic banner and has a superior set of cultivation methods to ensure utmost product quality which is safe for human consumption. Aeroponic based systems have also proven to reduce labour by up to 75%.

“It is evident that the global cannabis production industry requires significant change and  challenges must be overcome around analytical and clinical testing to provide consistently high-quality research backed products. A well set up QC laboratory and scientific research centre can alleviate this challenge. With the rapidly changing laws and regulations within the industry, this ability is going to be vital to provide a consistent, tested product to customers in the highly competitive marketplace and we are ready to face the challenge with our organization”. Mohammad Tayob – Durban Press conference – 2021.

The cannabis market is becoming more and more greenhouse/outdoor based as companies try to save costs on electricity as well as reduce their carbon footprint, for this reason it was a no brainer for Mohammad to establish Cannaboid without focus being on electrical demand, By not utilizing a supplemental lighting approach as with competitors Mohammad decided to tackle the problem head on instead of working around the problem, since bud produced in an indoor environment due to the conditions experienced has a greater bud appeal and higher quality. Some skeptics will disagree and say that there is nothing better than sungrown cannabis, Mohammad simply had a solution for this and that was to bring the conditions experienced in a fully fledge indoor

facility and combine it with sunlight conditions experienced outdoors thereby going with glasshouses setup as indoor cultivation labs.

Cannaboid solidifies its stance in the industry by producing 90 megawatts of renewable energy 24/7. Cannaboid supports sustainability and will introduce a carbon farming land initiative which allows Cannaboid to offer companies a reduction in carbon footprint by offering packages to companies which will cover the costs of material and establishment of carbon farming fields, once the carbon fields are established they would store carbon for up to 20 years. These carbon initiatives will not cost land owners/occupiers anything and will rejuvenate their lands to highly fertile productive lands. Initiatives such as these are how Cannaboid plans on tackling global warming as well as uplifting communities across Africa.

Cannaboid is able to produce up to 4000 metric tons of the highest quality medical cannabis available globally. Cannabis of the highest quality should be the go to standard worldwide without the hefty price tag.

Mohammad has always been an industrialist at heart and has a dream of putting Africa on the map as a major player in the global economy. He plans to achieve this by working side by side with like minded individuals and companies who are willing to go above and beyond in order to achieve a well developed Africa over the next 20 years.

Mohammad’s technical understanding of systems and operations allows him to penetrate himself into most industry, He has studied in the field of Electro-mechanician however has spent most of his working years in management posts. Mohammad also holds a master of marijuana certificate.

Coming from humble beginning’s Mohammad is a well focused and driven individual on a mission to prove to his fellow Africans and people from around the world that anything can be achieved as long as you apply your mind correctly and put in the effort. Cannabis is a medicine and needs to be readily available without a high price on premium quality.

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