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By | February 24, 2021

Milwaukee WI, 15 February 2021 — This article is an in-depth explanation of the tunnel pasteurization and batch pasteurization for hard cider/ seltzer beverages, an essential read for all beverage makers.

“Cider, also known as “hard cider” in North America, is the product of apple juice’s alcoholic fermentation. This fermented beverage has an alcohol content between 3.0–8.5% with a soft acidic, and sour taste (1).

In traditional farmhouse cider-making, the fermentation processes are performed by indigenous yeast, while in the commercial path, unfiltered fruit juice is inoculated with the yeast of different species; the most common are Saccharomyces, Kloeckera, or Pichia (1) which induce anaerobic fermentation converting sugar to ethanol (2).

Cider making is similar to winemaking; however, cider usually contains lower ethanol than wine (5-7% vs. 11-15%), and for this reason is more prone to microbial spoilage (3). Refermentation in the package and consequent bottle explosion has been a concern for cider makers since years ago; besides, refermentation from certain types of bacteria such as Zygosaccharomyces is a cause of harm for consumers (4). To avoid this, hard cider pasteurization is used to preserve product safety and quality.”

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