Aismixer Launches Its Coin Shuffle Service Platform, Protecting Users’ Privacy

By | May 23, 2021

Hong Kong – Recently, Aismixerhas announced the launching of its coin shuffle platform which can protect users’ privacy to the maximum extent. Coin shuffle, is a word that sounds dim and dark. But in fact, most coin shuffle services are legal. According to Chainalysis, an analysis institution, 8.1% of coin shuffle transactions are related to theft, and only 2.7% of coin shuffle transactions are used in the dark network market. Therefore, out of every 11 BTC coin shuffle transactions, only less than 1 BTC can be considered for illegal purposes.

Coin shuffle principle

Popularly speaking, coin shuffle is the way to completely anonymously hide one’s own assets, so that it can be completely traceless. Coin shuffle principle: many people participate, a transaction includes a lot of input and output, it is difficult to find everyone’s corresponding matter in the input and output, the relationship between input and output is in fact separated so that it is completely untraceable.

Privacy of Aismixer coin shuffle

Coin shuffle can protect users’ privacy to the maximum extent. People’s pursuit of the security and concealment of their assets has never stopped, and coin shuffle has filled the market demand for anonymous transactions to a certain extent. And coin shuffle reduces the traceability of the trading address. This feature not only enables it to be widely used in the grey economy, but also provides excellent asset protection for needy asset tycoons and entrepreneurs (those who do not want to reveal their wealth).

Coin shuffle is a high-profit project

At present, the service charges of decentralized coin shuffle are not low, ranging from 1% to 5%. Aismixer, for example, charges service charge of 1-5% at a time. The amount of coin shuffle service charge is closely related to the size of the service charge pool more or less. Considering of this, Aismixer has opened the coin shuffle pool. To put it simply, users can get coin shuffle commission by investing BTC, ETH, USDT and DOGE in coin shuffle. Now the daily dividend income is 3% and the subordinate commission is more rewarding. This is the most reasonable way to play the currency field in 2021. It not only promotes the anonymous development of the block chain, but there is also logical labor income to achieve.

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