CFX Quantum Partners With Fujitsu Engineers To Improve Arbitrage Trading With Digital Annealer

By | June 1, 2021

London, UK, 31 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The traditional financial world is plagued with issues, and CFX Quantum has been at the forefront, fixing the problems with innovative solutions. In the traditional financial markets, it is common to see it dominated by institutional investors. They make all the profits, leaving little or nothing for the individual investor. Many of these individual investors end up earning little or nothing, and in most cases, they lose a large deal of their capital. CFX Quantum, in partnership with astute Fujitsu engineers, is altering this trend.

CFX Quantum noticed the great need for the smaller individual investors to have a fair chance in the market and decided to offer a decentralized technology that offers them a better chance of making it. Reading a couple of articles or watching a few videos does not put an individual investor on par with institutional investors that have the resources to use expensive algorithms and farms. For the small investor to succeed, there is the need for a new and innovative technology that they can exploit to their favor.

How CFX Quantum Partnership Is Changing Everything

CFX Quantum’s team has been in the traditional finance markets for a long time and knows what the issues are. To curb the problems for individual investors, they started the process of creating a topnotch and state-of-the-art trading system called HATS that crypto traders can use. CFX utilizes the most innovative solutions of quantum technology while striking partnerships with experts around the globe. This partnership led to the creation of ZEROONE. When it comes to the best cryptocurrency arbitrage trading systems in existence, ZEROONE tops the list and works effectively because of Fujitsu’s innovative chip, the Digital Annealer.

Every crypto trader that utilizes this system enjoys the perk of using Digital Annealer, which turns every trading operation into an expression of thousands of thousands of calculations made at a speed, which is hundreds of times faster than the last generation PC. Crypto traders that have access to the feature benefit from an unseen competitive advantage from zero operational risks to positive or always zero outcomes. Trading is made easier for individual investors with the Digital Annealer.

What Is The Digital Annealer?

To utilize the Digital Annealer, CFX Quantum is partnering with the topnotch scientists at Fujitsu. The Digital Annealer is created by Fujitsu, and it is an advanced chip that uses an underlying quantum-inspired technology. As an innovative chip, it is designed to analyze billions of data at an astonishing speed that is currently unseen anywhere else, while finding the minimum of a complex formula. There is no processor in existence that can match the speed of the Digital Annealer.

Typical quantum computers may be fast, but they come with issues that make them inefficient to the average investor that needs them. For starters, they are expensive. Getting a quantum computer does not come cheap, possessing a guarantee to break the bank. Most can not work efficiently at room temperature and consume an outrageous amount of energy. Institutional investors may have no problem with affording those because of their deep pockets but that can not be said for the average investor.

This is why the coming of the Digital Annealer changes the playing field for the small investor. It can work at room temperature, meaning that the user does not have to be worried about spending more in keeping it cool unlike the typical quantum computer. The cost of the Digital Annealer is minute compared to what is expected when purchasing a quantum computer. Having these functionalities has made it an awesome fit for computing arbitrage operations.

CFX entered a partnership with Fujitsu engineers that is already yielding amazing results. From what is on ground, the best is yet to come, as more functionalities will rock the world of crypto arbitrage trading. At the moment, CFX is in the pre-production phase with thorough and intense tests being carried out round the clock. After this period, the full-time production phase will begin. It is expected that a global exclusive agreement will be reached between CFX Quantum and Fujitsu to allow the former to use the Digital Annealer for Crypto arbitrage exclusively. From what is on ground, the outcome is expected to be favorable. In no time, with the incorporation of Digital Annealer in CFX Arbitrage system, the common man will have a fighting chance in the crypto markets.

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