Home Textile Brand Centro Scampoli Has Four New Offerings

By | June 22, 2021

Lenzuola Matrimoniali, Copriletto Matrimoniale, Lenzuola, Lenzuola Microfibra – this store has it all.

22 June 2021 – Centro Scampoli has four new offerings in its lineup, Lenzuola matrimonial, Copriletto Matrimoniale and Lenzuola Microfibra.

Let’s take a look at each of them in detail.

  1. Lenzuola Matrimoniali (Double Bedsheets)

This double bed sheet comes in 24 different styles at a low price of 38 euros, with some going even lower at 20 euros. It comes with two pillowcases of dimensions 50 x 80cm and is made from pure cotton. Featuring a printed design, it gives sand cotton a chic look that stands out from other bedsheets.

2.Copriletto Matrimoniale (Double Bedspread)

This bedsheet is significantly cheaper than the other bedsheets. It’s available at 14.50 euros and can be found in 35 different styles. The styles include Romantic, Farfalle, Seone, Poison Love And Country Blue.

This unique quilted double bedspread is only available for in store purchase, making it much more exclusive.

3.Lenzuola Microfibra (Microfiber Single Sheets)

Made from 100% polyester, the soft microfiber features high-quality prints. Its minimal design makes it the perfect bedsheet for any bedroom, big or small.

There are 12 different styles to choose from, like Green Leaf, Mistic Grey and Mistic Beige.

The prices of this collection ranges from 16 euros to 20 euros. These sheets are quick drying and are very easy to iron. It also comes with a top sheet, bottom sheet, and an American pillowcase. One standout feature of the bottom sheet is the all-round elastic that helps you get it on top of your mattress without any fuss. 

To learn more about Centro Scampoli, visit https://www.shopcentroscampoli.com/.

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