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A Korean company is preparing an international lawsuit against Japan and China for their distortion of Korean history with an American law firm in New York

A Korean company, which is preparing an international lawsuit against Japanese and Chinese netizens for their action of distorting Korean history, said they are considering a contract with an American law firm. On March 1st, this well-known patriotic company in Korea conducted an advertisement in Times Square in New York regarding hanbok to oppose China… Read More »

What is FRESKAU ?

During the past few years , there has been a growing market for new ideas in entrepreneurship , various success stories already caught the attention of many . In the year 2016 , many small musical movements came together to connect for the creation of a bigger movement called “ Freskau “ . At first… Read More »

Wisuru Is Enlightening the World, One Person at A Time

Wisuru is a comprehensive online source created by Maddy, a seasoned automation engineer & a blogging enthusiast.Wisuru takes its readers on learning excursions through regularly updated blog posts and podcasts on a range of topics in history, biography, science, health, finance, technology, and more! A well-read person with a knowledgeable mind never goes out of… Read More »

Love languages? Join YorkTutors as they launch their brand-new online learning platform for teachers and students.

Saint Paul, Minnesota; June 2021 — YorkTutors is thrilled to officially announce the launch of their brand-new online language learning platform. The platform, which functions as an online marketplace for teachers, is the ultimate place for students to find and book a tutor to meet their language learning needs. The platform is open to any… Read More »

Indigenous people are here, they are strong, and they are thriving

Author of upcoming book, Wild Woman; Master the Art of Pride, Presence and Productivity addresses that despite Canada enforcing residential schools, Indigenous people are here, are strong and are thriving. Geraldine “Ger” Carriere addresses the war within by uncovering the roles indigenous people are forced to live in, balancing tradition and new world ways of… Read More »