DEAHEUNG CO launched a new product by combining jujube and red ginseng.

YouTube Link: Gyeongsan, Korea – DEAHEUNG CO. is a strong agricultural company in the Korean jujube market, which released patents for many years. In line with the strong trend of K-FOOD, the company has launched a new product by concentrating jujube and red ginseng. Currently, sales of the product are underway in Korea, and… Read More »

Cellpia, high-end stem cell technology in a drop of science

YouTube Link: Seoul, Korea – Cellpia comes at a time where self-care is more important than ever. With the expertise and presence of more than three decades, Cellpia Cosmetics puts itself on the map of skincare excellence. Cellpia Ampoule provides the most effective and intensive care for all skin troubles, supplies nutrients deep into the… Read More »

The Multi-Functional Cigar Lighter Every Cigar Fan Needs

SHENZHEN, CHINA – XIFEI is pleased to discuss their multi-functional cigar lighter that is transforming the way that people enjoy their beloved cigars. This is a convenient tool that allows customers to carry everything that they need to enjoy their cigar, without having every individual tool. Customers get all of this in a compact and… Read More »

Top Five 2020 Christmas Gift Ideas for CBD Lovers

Doing Christmas shopping for a cannabidiol lover? Here the top five gift ideas to choose from! Christmas is right around the corner, and for those who are looking to shop for cannabidiol related items for their loved ones, here’s a selection of the top five gifts that can be given out this Holiday season! 1.… Read More »


Premier Pups sells well-bred puppies from reputable breeders 11/24/2020 – Johnstown, Ohio:Premier Pups matches owners to a puppy that is right for them. Premier Pups has small breed puppies for sale in Ohio. The puppies are carefully chosen from reputable breeders across Ohio. All breeders are USDA certified and raise the puppies in a healthy… Read More »