Transform Regular Dry Toilet Paper into Super Comfortable Wet Wipes with an Award-Winning Device SmoothWipes ™

By | February 16, 2021

Smooth Wipes is an innovative world’s first automated wet wipe creator designed to modify traditional toilet papers by creating top-quality wet wipes for a refreshing experience.

Feb 16, 2021 — Personal hygiene has extreme importance in maintaining overall good health. In western countries, the use of toilet paper after using the restroom is very prevalent. After years of extensive use of toilet paper for cleaning the derrières, experts are now suggesting avoiding them due to the associated health risks. Dry toilet papers are incompetent in cleaning the buttock region, and people have to use them in large quantities to assure that there are no traces of excrements left still there is a higher likelihood of it remaining there, causing discomfort, rashes, and sometimes leading to a severe health condition like anal fissures and urinary tract infections. In some cultures and world parts, people use bidets and other water equipment for cleaning themselves, but that isn’t a cost-effective option considering the installation charges and utility bills. Specialists are now recommending shifting to a better alternative of wet wipes. Wet Wipes are the most versatile and practical hygiene products available, but they are expensive than regular toilet papers. To resolve this problem once and for all, Smooth Wipes was created.

Smooth Wipes is a one of its kind wet wipe creator device which automatically converts regular toilet papers into wet pipes. The device is designed to automate this process, and the users can get a continuous supply of high-quality adult or child wet wipes with a single button click. With this device, the need for old-fashioned dude wipes or baby wipes will be over forever, and people will experience a whole new world of comfort and convenience with these wet wipes. After comprehensive research about the materials and the process, the idea’s proto type has been successfully tested, and a professionally manufactured device is currently under process. Smooth Wipes are thoroughly evaluated and checked by a licensed in-house Doctor of Pharmacy. The organic ingredients used and overall final product were safe; therefore, Smooth Wipes Solutions are 100% doctor approved.

Getting rashes is a common nuisance faced by people who use regular toilet paper due to the paper’s additive chemicals and rough texture. Smooth Wipes are free from any artificial scents, alcohol, and colors. The use of parabens in skin products is on the decline due to adverse long terms effects on the user’s skin. Smooth Wipes is 100% SLS and paraben-free. The creator and founder of Smooth Wipes, Jonathan Powell have focused on using only natural and organic ingredients to ensure that they are suitable for all skin types and dermatologically safe. The Smooth wipes are first moistened by a mechanically filtered free from impurities in the water. Later, Aloe Vera and Coco-Betaine, a natural extract of Coconut and Vitamin E, are added to elevate the wipes’ soothing and calming properties. Being a responsible company, the products are cruelty-free, and no animal testing was done during the research process. All interested people worldwide can now pre-order the units at special early bird discounted prices on Smooth Wipes’ official website.

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