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By | May 31, 2021

Small time Urban girl, with big dreams of being well- off, clashes into the industry with not only her music and her break out introduction into the world of producing, acting and directing, but also the upcoming launch of her online urban apparel store,  4oreign Behavior Clothing llc which will be tailored to women but still “men’s accessory” friendly.

The idea of  launching the store stemmed from her work as a female rapper from the Bay Area, artist name “Foreign Behavior “ but the “F” was uniquely swapped with her very own created “4” envisioned to separate the clothing from the music. With her idea originating in early 2019, It didn’t become an official LLC until Jan 2020’ after she, her entourage & influencers begin to salt & pepper the logo around the neighborhoods. “As a music artist it’s important to get your brand/name out there in all ways possible. I call it the Master P method! U can’t  rely solely on social media to build your brand, I mean… I’m hoping to showcase it in the upcoming movie on cast members , i frequently drop  flyers on the windows of thousands of parked cars every chance I get. I’m just trying to get it out there.” 4oreign Behavior Clothing was established by Demetra Brock through the inspiration of her music that ignites across all the music platforms , including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and YouTube. With her subtle “buss down differently“ logo labeling some of her active wear , it’s no doubt that her unique style will open doors for all the the ladies to feel mannequin while hitting all the upscale events. And for the men 4BC could not leave them out. The line will also include some of the latest worn accessories for men including belts, boxer-briefs, socks dad-hats, hoodies, and robes.

4oreign Behavior Clothing llc hopes to expand their line further in the near future which will add 4oreign Kidz for infants, toddlers and young kids.  Stay tuned on Instagram @4oreign_behavior_clothing  or Foreign _behavior_ ( the artist) to stay informed for the website launching on New Years Eve 2021 !! Yet another black Entrepreneur breaking the bearers with no turning back in mind!

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Country: United States
Website Url: https://4oreignbclothing.com/

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