The Superiority of Prescription Polarized Glass Sunglass Lenses

By | November 23, 2023

Few companies excel in the prescription eyewear market for their commitment to quality and technical excellence. VS Eyewear stands out as an exception. They offer glass polarized lenses, when other companies have switched to alternative materials. This article focuses on the technical features that make VS Eyewear stand out.

Polarization: The Science of Polarization

Understanding polarization is the first step in VS Eyewear’s commitment to glass lenses. Polarized lenses use the principles of selective filtering light, which is achieved by vertically aligning micro-crystals within the lens. This alignment blocks horizontal light waves, which are often the cause of glare. This results in an unprecedented reduction of glare and enhances clarity and comfort.

Polarized Gray 3 : Optical Precision

VS Eyewear’s polarized grey 3 lenses offer optical precision for those who seek it. These lenses are ideal for protecting against harsh sunlight while maintaining true color perception. Gray tints minimize color distortion, so they are ideal for sports where maintaining natural color perception is important. These lenses offer reliable UV protection to protect the eyes from harmful radiation.

The Polarized G-15: Elegance meets technical excellence

VS Eyewear polarized G-15 lenses combine elegance and technical sophistication. Green-tinted G-15 glasses are known for their outstanding contrast and visual clarity. These lenses are ideal for sports that require precision and attention to detail, like golfing or fishing. G-15 lenses are not only beautiful, but they also improve vision by reducing reflections and increasing color contrast.

Polarized Brown 3 – Warmth and Comfort at Every Glance

VS Eyewear’s polarized 3 brown lenses are the perfect choice if warmth and comfort are your priorities. These lenses provide superior depth perception and contrast, making them a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The brown tint has a soothing effect, which reduces eye strain and enhances overall visual comfort.

Technical Adaptability: Single Vision vs. Progressive No Line Bifocals

VS Eyewear offers two different technical variations of prescription polarized sunglasses to meet the needs of diverse eyewear users:

  1. Single Vision Lenses – Designed to address a specific vision problem, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, these lenses offer the same level of technical excellence as non-prescription alternatives. They provide clear vision with no distortion and complete protection from UV radiation.
  2. Progressive No-Line Bifocals VS Eyewear’s progressive lenses provide technical precision, seamlessly blending prescriptions for near and distance vision. The absence of visible lines allows for a seamless transition between focal points. Wearers can enjoy uninterrupted clarity at a variety of distances.

The Technical Perfectionist Approach

The reputation of VS Eyewear for quality is based on its commitment to perfection in technical terms. Each pair of prescription sunglasses is subjected to rigorous testing and quality assurance measures in order to meet industry standards. These lenses are not only glare-reducing, but also provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, which is a safeguard for the ocular system.

VS Eyewear also offers a variety of lens customizations, including scratch-resistant treatments and anti-reflective treatments. These enhancements improve the visual clarity of your eyewear and extend its lifespan.

The conclusion of the article is:

VS Eyewear Prescription Polarized Glass Sunglass Lenses are a shining example of technical excellence in a field driven by innovation. These lenses are distinguished by their mastery of the polarization principle and meticulous quality control. Whether you choose the optical precision and elegance of polarized G-15 or the warmth, comfort, and comfort of polarized Brown 3, you can trust the technical superiority VS Eyewear. For more information, please contact us at VS Eyewear or call 1-877-872-5780 (in the United States) or 1-484-546-0029 (outside the United States). Our highly trained customer service representatives and in-house optometrists can help you through your eyewear journey online.

About Us: VS Eyewear offers a broad selection of products to our industrial users such as Prescription Safety Glasses, Radiation Protection Glasses, Welding Safety Glasses, Laser Safety Glasses, and Glass Working supplies. For our consumer customer base, we offer the latest fashions and styles in computer glasses, night driving glasses, and sunglasses.  Most Prescription glasses are available in a variety of lens materials including Glass.  VS Eyewear is an international leader in eyeglass sales and we offer a huge selection of brands at prices that can’t be beaten. As an authorized dealer of major industrial, designer, and brand-name eyewear, we guarantee that our optical products are high-quality, authentic, and backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty. Find high-quality eyewear that matches your look, lifestyle, and budget. 

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